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Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

Hi Babes,

I wanted to share some of the fall 2020 jewelry trends we have been observing from the fashion runways. We are getting so inspired, stay tuned for some amazing stuff coming your way. For now, here's a preview of where we are getting our inspiration from, love it!


Surreal and Vibey

Gals, designers are totally getting creative with all that is going on. Think Salvador Dalí vibes. Very out there, out of the box jewelry will be in. If it's unusual, creative, or out there it's probably on-trend.  Think neck collars, body armor jewelry, and jewelry in unusual places.


Everyday Armor in Real Life

Okay you know that's our thing, but really. Armor is in, for real. If you have body jewelry, body chains, anything like that, bring it out of your closet is. We like layering dainty pieces or just one bold statement piece if you are wearing a minimal outfit.


Pendant Upgrade

Pendants have been in, but they are getting a makeover. Think long pendants, a little bougie. Why not add a feather, or glitter to an existing set? Long pendants especially will be in. We love black marble, fringe, feathers!


Pearls Going Strong

Gals, these are not going anywhere. Think fall vampy lips with pearl jewelry. Opposite vibes combinations. Edgy but classy. A bold black outfit with pearls is fun. 



Heirlooms or antique-inspired outfit add ons will be on the rise too. Think neck collared gems or jacket add ons. The bigger the gems, the better. Needles, pins are not just for necklaces, think scarf or hat decor jewelry as well. If you're bold, harness belts need love too.



We keep bringing up hair, I know because hair jewelry is in too. Rhinestone headbands are an easy way to incorporate this. Also, clip-on strands of rhinestones are excellent, especially since we didn't have Coachella. A lot of the world is feeling creative since there were no festivals this spring. So don't be afraid to do you boo.


Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for our fall collections inspired by all the fashion runways and vintage luxury vibes. Want to see something in particular? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Talk to you soon babes!


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