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Pre-Styled Necklace Sets

Pre-Styled Necklace Sets

Hi Ladies!


I always get asked, how to style necklaces, how to layer them and what necklace lengths go well together, so I finally decided to make things SUPER easy for everyone. I sat down and curated a few necklace sets, that are easy for the busy lady, who also wants to look fabulous and well put together.


What if you could be totally styled with ONE CLASP?!?


Well, I want to introduce you to our pre-styled sets!


The first of these sets, just launched and is our Quartz Crystal Necklace Set; it includes the jaw dropping Phoenix Necklace in Quartz, our Large Herringbone Necklace, and our Divine Links Necklace!


With our personally made pre-styled sets, you can look fabulous and put together with ease. Think simplicity here... one clasp system and 3 necklaces!!! 

In order to make things easy for everyone, we attach the set on our necklace connector so it’s a one and done necklace moment! All 3 necklaces attached to 1 clasp. On and off in a flash!


Also, because you are buying the set, we threw a little discount in for ya, plus a free connector!


So regardless of if you are adding your necklaces to your sweat suit set to make yourself feel more glamorous, or you are putting on your everyday work attire and need that little extra pizzazz to make the outfit really come together, this one is for you!




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