• How to Wear Necklaces with Different Necklines

    How to Wear Necklaces with Different Necklines
    Hi Babes! Imagine having this amazing new top but not sure what necklaces to wear? Have you ever said the following to yourself? “Does this accentuate my top? Does this go with my outfit? Does this look right?” Well, we think necklines and jewelry will not be intimidating after reading this post. We got you!

    If you bought a new dress or an amazing top, the neckline is really key here. Pairing something just right will bring balance and improve your overall aesthetic and look. We want you to feel amazing in your appearance (cuz you already are) so here are a few pointers.

    Halter Neckline

    A halter top is best paired with something that will fall downward and outward as lines of the sides of a halter top go up. Think two layered necklaces (shorter and/or a longer necklace) or one statement (pendant perhaps).

    Tube Top Neckline

    Since there are no straps something shorter, such as a 16-inch necklace or a choker will balance the overall look.

    Crew Neck

    We feel there is more flexibility here. You can do just about anything because it is so versatile in terms of balancing a look. Bib, dainty short, and long pendant necklaces will shine.

    V Neckline

    We like to put a shorter necklace that drops before the “v” of the collar ends. 

    Button-up Neckline

    A short necklace or longer necklaces look put together with this look. 

    Turtle Neck

    Because this is higher, we like longer necklaces to balance this aesthetic.

    Square Neckline

    Because of the square shapes, we recommend a shorter necklace that is a little bold.

    One-Sleeve / Off the Shoulder Neckline

    This one can be intimidating but don’t worry, we got just the thing. We recommend shorter dainty or statement necklace depending on how bold you feel.

    There really isn’t a specific item you should be using, after all, that’s half the fun (being creative). Think of this as inspiration, not so much a guide (we like to break the rules). 

    What other necklaces should we include? Would love to hear from you, leave us your suggestions below!

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  • 7 Outdated Jewelry Trends in 2020

    7 Outdated Jewelry Trends in 2020
    Outdated jewelry trends have got to go. A new year means new jewelry trends and collections for 2020. But in order to make room for new bling, we’re here to help you decide on what you should keep and what has to go. 

    Out: Bib Necklace

    In: Chain Necklace

    Bib necklaces have been around for some time and it's time to let them go. We welcome chain necklaces, think dainty and chunky. We love both! New is the paper clip inspired chains, check them out in our shop!

    Out: Huggie Hoops (dainty minimal hoops)

    In: Chunky Hoops

    Earrings are the big thing this year, think big and bold. We especially love the chunky hoops if you’re more of a classic gal.

    Out: 90s Choker

    In: Symbolic Necklaces

    Say goodbye to velvet or satin chokers, for now. And say hello to custom jewelry. Think astrology, dates, and more! We love necklaces with meaning to you, think symbolical.

    Out: Colorless Rings

    In: Colorful Bling

    Think turquoise, bright pastel tones. Fuschia is also going to be big. We love multicolored jewelry too, a great way to transition from Spring to Summer in 2020 too.

    Out: Minimal Earrings

    In: Statement Earrings

    Go bold, go long or dramatic. You can even wear just one darling statement earring (so 2020). 

    Out: Simple Minimal Necklaces

    In: Unique, Statement Layered sets

    Don’t be afraid to incorporate different layered necklaces with different styles. We love mixing coin, link chain, or unique chains together for a standout vibe.

    Out: Heart Lockets

    In: Baguettes

    Any jewelry with baguettes will be trending. Think multi-colored baguettes or baguette filled earrings. The options are endless!

    What to do with your old bling?

    We recommend keeping jewelry you may not wear, in a safe place as trends can come and go or DIY’ing them into something new. If you’re ready to just say goodbye, donating is a great way to go. We never recommend throwing something away unless it’s truly unwearable. 

    PS We have plenty of these trend-forward statement pieces, feel free to browse the shop. Happy shopping :)

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  • How to Take Care of Jewelry?

    How to Take Care of Jewelry?

    A lot of you have asked us how to take care of your precious jewelry. So today we wanted to go over how to clean and take care of your Erin Fader Jewelry. If you want to ensure your gems and jewels last a long time, consider these tips. Let’s get started!

    During Wear

    • Avoid spraying perfume directly on jewelry as this could interact with the metal (mostly gold plated jewelry is our concern). 
    • It is recommended to remove the jewelry at night to keep it lasting longer in prime condition. However, our gold-filled and 14k jewelry is top quality and we find that a lot of our customers can keep their jewels on as needed with long wear.
    • Let lotion dry before putting on jewelry.
    • Some substances like oil, sweat, and nail polish remover can interact with your jewelry so if you can try to avoid having jewelry interact if possible. We find that our gold-filled and 14k gold jewelry is pretty sturdy and can stand a yoga class or two ;)

    After Wear

    • If you need to do a light cleaning, use a cotton ball or soft cloth to gently wipe your jewelry after use to remove any dust. 
    • If a light wipe down is just not doing the trick then we recommend a water-based cleaning solution. Use lukewarm water and gentle soap (not antibacterial or harsh cleaners for plated jewelry).
    • Do not place jewelry near wood, as chemically treated surfaces like wood could interact with your jewelry. A soft cloth pouch or even a zip lock can be a good alternative.
    • Gold plated jewelry will last longer in airtight containers. Tarnishing can happen with moisture in the air.
    • Avoid leaving your beautiful gems in the sun, as the sunlight can dull gems.

    Here are some additional tidbits depending on the type of metal your jewelry is.


    • Store your silver with chalk as it absorbs moisture.
    • Polishing cloths will keep your bling sparkling.

    14k Gold

    • Gold can scratch easily, so be sure to keep your treasures in a soft protected place.


    • Hot tubs and gold-filled aren’t exactly best friends. Heavily chlorinated hot tubs can tarnish or react with your jewelry.

    Gold Plated

    • Soft jewelry clothes can restore shine. Polishing cloths are also great!

    Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to keep your jewelry in pristine condition? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!
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  • Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends

    Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends
    Erin Fader Jewelry loves to stay on top of all the jewelry trends for 2020. Lots of beautiful runway shows have happened and that means new spring jewelry trends are here. Here are the 7 jewelry trends you'll be seeing everywhere come Spring 2020.

    Colorful Jewelry

    We will be seeing lots of colorful jewelry. Try incorporating color into your bling this spring. Multiple tones within each piece will be all the rage. Pair with colorful eyes or bold lips. Big colorful necklaces and earrings? Yes, please.

    Single Earring

    The solo earring is trending this Spring 2020. Think a statement drop or fringe earring, something that stands out. Hair up or down, but a sharp top or jacket will be a must. This trend is an opportunity to select something bold, long, or artistic.

    Oversized Chains

    Big chunky necklaces. We like sparkly or layered ones. Perfect to wear day and night, very convertible. We personally love gold ones, but any will do! The chunkier the better!


    Yes, pearls are still in spring. They are classic and still going strong. Try earrings or necklaces with natural shaped pearls. We love dainty gold jewelry that incorporates the pearls. Long drop earrings are some of our favorites.

    Big Hoops

    Hoop earrings are a classic and have been trending for quite some time. We love thick, gold, or dainty pairs. Something new to try this season is a double hoop. Did they ever really go out of style? We think not.

    Shoe Jewelry

    Yes, you heard right. Add an ankle chain to your heels or keep an eye out with shoes decorated with bling already. Shoe bling is coming in strong and we’re here for it. Especially in ankle boots, love!


    Layering what you already have and adding some new pieces will be an easy way to stay on-trend. We love mixing chains along with coin, chokers, or long pendant necklaces. 

    Want to see something different or do you have any other spring 2020 trends to add? Comment below and stay tuned for more on our upcoming spring 2020 jewelry collections.

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