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The Box Necklace

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Size: 16 inches

Product Details:

      Material Benefits:

      Heavily Plated 24k Gold Overlay 

      Our 24k Gold Overlay jewelry is produced by applying an average of 20-30 mils of 24kt gold onto the surface of high quality brass. Unlike basic gold costume jewelry, Gold Overlay jewelry can be worn all the time and is seven times thicker. Our Gold Overlay utilizes an advance acid gold Electro-Depositing process which allows it to have a harder gold plating and durable finish for excellent long term wear.  

      Care Instructions:

      24k Gold Overlay is water resistant, but should be kept dry as much as possible. You can get it wet, just be sure to wipe dry for longevity! However, we do recommend removing before getting into salt water or chlorine, and before applying any lotions or perfumes to the skin.

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