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Erin Fader Jewelry Design is a rapidly growing company, and we need to have a team that can keep up with the pace. This person is expected to go above and beyond, must be energetic, forward thinking and contribute new ideas. This position involves working closely with Erin and the Erin Fader Team, as well as acquiring sales goals each month and filling orders.


  • This role will change daily and can be adapted to fit your strengths, but some specific responsibilities include:
  • Filling orders
  • Managing customer service e-mails, phone calls and orders.
  • Building relationships with vendors
  • Assisting Designer with Photoshoots. Includes prepping shoot and the opportunity to be on site during production.
  • Organizing and managing inventory
  • Assisting Creative Director with organizing photoshoots and styling
  • Assisting with content creation on all social media channels.
  • Contributing to planning and setting up pop-up events in San Diego and surrounding areas.


Available 8 hours a week in 2 to 4 hour segments, preferably Tuesday and Thursdays - 11:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m - this is a preference and can be adjusted

  • Proficient knowledge in Microsoft programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.) 
  • Proficient in all Google programs (Google Drive) 
  • Strong writing skills (can compose a professional email) 
  • Have a strong knowledge of fashion industry/ influencers, models, Instagram stars and more
  • Keeps up with pop culture, bloggers, music and the entertainment industry as a whole
  • Business, Communication, Fashion Major
  • Graphic design / web development skills 
  • Video and photography skills a plus
  • Personable 
  • Time efficient
  • Multitasker 
  • College Junior or above in San Diego area college

Please send all resumes and cover letters to for review. Thank you for your interest.

This position is available for school credit only. 
Instagram: @erinfaderjewelry

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