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EFJD X MRS. BOX Necklace Gift Set

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This Mother’s Day we’ve done the gifting for you! We’ve teamed up with Mrs. Box to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift set! Discounted when purchased together!

Necklace Product Details: 

Necklace Box Product Details:

  • Mrs. Box's The Jensen Necklace Box 
  • Box Material: Dupioni Silk - lush, crisp, natural fiber which contains irregularities and variations that add to its alluring charm 
  • Box Lid Material: Matte Gold Metal
  • Featured Engraving: “MAMA” 

Material Benefits:

14K Gold Filled 

Our Gold Filled pieces are wrapped in layers of solid 14K Gold over Brass. This prevents the jewelry from tarnishing, peeling and chipping. Unlike Gold Plated, Gold Filled has a measurable amount of gold in it, which makes it last longer. This also prevents the base metal from coming into contact with the skin, making it safe for people with sensitive skin or common metal allergies. If well cared for, your Gold Filled jewelry can last a lifetime.

Care Instructions:

To prolong the life of your Gold Filled jewelry, we recommend the following; you are fine to shower and get it wet. Gold Filled is perfect for everyday wear, and for life! However, we do recommend removing before getting into salt water or chlorine. We do suggest removing before applying any lotions or perfumes to the skin.

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