• Thoughtful Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020

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    Hi Gals,

    So you've been searching for thoughtful easy holiday gift ideas for 2020, we got you. Holiday gifts don't have to be difficult, follow this formula for a sincerely thoughtful, curated gift sets ideas for anyone. 


    Step #1

    The presentation. Think about how you want to present your gift. Visuals show that you put effort and that you're thoughtful. It doesn't need to be expensive, there's lot's of ways to be sustainable by using newspaper and getting artsy. You can also use a cute kitchen basket, metal wire storage box - something that can be re-used to present your gift.


    Step #2

    Include something that smells nice or test yummy. I like to hit the most of the senses when gifting. There's something about smelling or tasting something that reminded you of something warm and positive. That's what I want my gifts to feel like. A custom candle, a DIY perfume making kit, or a cookie dough set is super sweet.


    Step # 3

    Include something that spoils them. We love crystals (positive energy) and jewelry of course! Yes we're partial, because we believe jewelry is a women's everyday armor. So go ahead, treat your special someone. We have seen lot's of matching sets being given (mother daughters or matching friend sets). Sometimes that special someone will put themselves before others and it's always nice to remind them they they are appreciated with something to wear every day. We love when you find meaning within our different pieces, it's empowering and magical. This one and this one are some of our most popular to include in gift sets.


    Step #4

    Include something that is helpful or something alive. Okay that sounded weird, hear me out. We love plants (air plants are so cute) and herbs. How about a tool that will help. A kitchen tool is always appreciated or a gardening set. What about seeds from a place or memory to grow? We also think mini milk frother is pretty handy.


    Step #5

    I thoughtful note that ties it all together. There's something about explaining why you picked the things that you did, it shows you took the time and that you care. A thoughtful story about why you picked the items in the gift sets is also helpful, such as a family traditional recipe. 


    I like to call these care package gifts that are good anytime of the year for many types of occasions, because they were curated from the heart. Examples of gift sets that meet these steps are the following.

    • Cozy gift sets that involve a custom or special cookie recipe, with a note on why you picked it, with baking tools, matching necklaces for mom and daughter. What a lovely experience don't you think?
    • Hostessing gift set that involves compound butters or custom olive oils, with a serving set, a note with how to use it, a herb plant, and bracelet to brighten their day.

    Do you have any other ideas? Would love for you to share! I hope these tips help you create some moments of appreciation for your loved ones.

  • Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

    Hi Babes,

    I wanted to share some of the fall 2020 jewelry trends we have been observing from the fashion runways. We are getting so inspired, stay tuned for some amazing stuff coming your way. For now, here's a preview of where we are getting our inspiration from, love it!


    Surreal and Vibey

    Gals, designers are totally getting creative with all that is going on. Think Salvador Dalí vibes. Very out there, out of the box jewelry will be in. If it's unusual, creative, or out there it's probably on-trend.  Think neck collars, body armor jewelry, and jewelry in unusual places.


    Everyday Armor in Real Life

    Okay you know that's our thing, but really. Armor is in, for real. If you have body jewelry, body chains, anything like that, bring it out of your closet is. We like layering dainty pieces or just one bold statement piece if you are wearing a minimal outfit.


    Pendant Upgrade

    Pendants have been in, but they are getting a makeover. Think long pendants, a little bougie. Why not add a feather, or glitter to an existing set? Long pendants especially will be in. We love black marble, fringe, feathers!


    Pearls Going Strong

    Gals, these are not going anywhere. Think fall vampy lips with pearl jewelry. Opposite vibes combinations. Edgy but classy. A bold black outfit with pearls is fun. 



    Heirlooms or antique-inspired outfit add ons will be on the rise too. Think neck collared gems or jacket add ons. The bigger the gems, the better. Needles, pins are not just for necklaces, think scarf or hat decor jewelry as well. If you're bold, harness belts need love too.



    We keep bringing up hair, I know because hair jewelry is in too. Rhinestone headbands are an easy way to incorporate this. Also, clip-on strands of rhinestones are excellent, especially since we didn't have Coachella. A lot of the world is feeling creative since there were no festivals this spring. So don't be afraid to do you boo.


    Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for our fall collections inspired by all the fashion runways and vintage luxury vibes. Want to see something in particular? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Talk to you soon babes!


  • Mother's Day Gifts From Home

    Babes, we're home in quarantine, but Mother's Day is creeping up. So your hair is in a bun, you're sipping coffee, wondering what the heck to do, but you know she deserves the best. We love heartfelt gifts but this can be such an awkward time. So we're here to help you out. 


    The Mama 

    We love thoughtful gifts, after all she deserves the best. We like finding her favorite candle, favorite wine, with a handwritten note with your favorite memory with her. We love pairing this delicate pearl necklace. A curated box is thoughtful when we can't be together.


    The Baker Mama

    I'm sure this mama has everything in the kitchen, so instead of something functional, we think something "extra" and fun would be nice in her kitchen. We love gold cookie trays (check out Target) with cookie dough or your own cookie dough recipe and blend. We love pairing it with the engraved initial necklace. It just speaks luxury vibes and is a timeless staple. If you think she has no time, I would bake the cookies instead of providing the dough.


    The Gardner Mama

    We recommend getting this outdoor-loving mama some luxe sunscreen. Recently Supergoop came out with dewy sunscreen that feels like a treat. I would pair this with a seed kit set with assortments and something unexpected such as this beautiful moonstone opalescent ring. It is slightly bohemian and creative, we think you're gardening mama will enjoy this unique and delicate staple.


    The Fitness Mama

    We're betting this mama is waking up every morning and doing some workouts, going on daily walks, or using her stationary bike. Why don't you offer her a subscription to Audible (books you can listen to) or make her a workout mix? If she doesn't already have wireless headphones we highly suggest these. We also love pairing with the Elle bracelet, it's functional, elegant, and modern for our mom on the go.


    The New Mama

    You're new mama friend, sister, cousin, is soo busy enjoying the new stage of her life. The last thing she has time for is "me" time. Let's make her life easier. I would buy her a blow dryer that is a brush, these are all the rage and cut back styling time. Add her favorite perfume, and a zodiac necklace with her baby's astrological sign. It's simple but dainty, and something that won't get caught on clothes. Functional but beautiful. 

    All of the jewelry in this article is 14k gold fill, so it will last for years to come. Shoutout to all the amazing mama's out there. We love you!

    What are some other ideas you have in mind? Leave a comment below<3 

  • Easter Gifts for Adults

    Easter Gifts for Adults

    Easter gifts for adults should not be hard. That’s why we’re going to make this really easy for you. We may be biased, but we think jewelry is the best adult Easter gift. It is timeless, classic, and versatile for just about anyone! Our Spring Collection has JUST the perfect styles. Here are some of our favorites for grandma, mom, sister, daughter, niece, or friend. <3

    In order of top to bottom from the photo:

    Cleo Choker

    Mini Goddess of Love Necklace

    Goddess of Love Necklace


    Here's why jewelry is a perfect holiday gift.

    • Jewelry is a wearable item/gift that is also sentimental.
    • Can be timeless.
    • Can be thoughtful.
    • Can turn into a family heirloom.
    • Anyone of any age can receive a gift, matching sets are the best way to go in our opinion<3