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7 Outdated Jewelry Trends in 2020

7 Outdated Jewelry Trends in 2020
Outdated jewelry trends have got to go. A new year means new jewelry trends and collections for 2020. But in order to make room for new bling, we’re here to help you decide on what you should keep and what has to go. 

Out: Bib Necklace

In: Chain Necklace

Bib necklaces have been around for some time and it's time to let them go. We welcome chain necklaces, think dainty and chunky. We love both! New is the paper clip inspired chains, check them out in our shop!

Out: Huggie Hoops (dainty minimal hoops)

In: Chunky Hoops

Earrings are the big thing this year, think big and bold. We especially love the chunky hoops if you’re more of a classic gal.

Out: 90s Choker

In: Symbolic Necklaces

Say goodbye to velvet or satin chokers, for now. And say hello to custom jewelry. Think astrology, dates, and more! We love necklaces with meaning to you, think symbolical.

Out: Colorless Rings

In: Colorful Bling

Think turquoise, bright pastel tones. Fuschia is also going to be big. We love multicolored jewelry too, a great way to transition from Spring to Summer in 2020 too.

Out: Minimal Earrings

In: Statement Earrings

Go bold, go long or dramatic. You can even wear just one darling statement earring (so 2020). 

Out: Simple Minimal Necklaces

In: Unique, Statement Layered sets

Don’t be afraid to incorporate different layered necklaces with different styles. We love mixing coin, link chain, or unique chains together for a standout vibe.

Out: Heart Lockets

In: Baguettes

Any jewelry with baguettes will be trending. Think multi-colored baguettes or baguette filled earrings. The options are endless!

What to do with your old bling?

We recommend keeping jewelry you may not wear, in a safe place as trends can come and go or DIY’ing them into something new. If you’re ready to just say goodbye, donating is a great way to go. We never recommend throwing something away unless it’s truly unwearable. 

PS We have plenty of these trend-forward statement pieces, feel free to browse the shop. Happy shopping :)

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