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How to Wear Necklaces with Different Necklines

How to Wear Necklaces with Different Necklines
Hi Babes! Imagine having this amazing new top but not sure what necklaces to wear? Have you ever said the following to yourself? “Does this accentuate my top? Does this go with my outfit? Does this look right?” Well, we think necklines and jewelry will not be intimidating after reading this post. We got you!

If you bought a new dress or an amazing top, the neckline is really key here. Pairing something just right will bring balance and improve your overall aesthetic and look. We want you to feel amazing in your appearance (cuz you already are) so here are a few pointers.

Halter Neckline

A halter top is best paired with something that will fall downward and outward as lines of the sides of a halter top go up. Think two layered necklaces (shorter and/or a longer necklace) or one statement (pendant perhaps).

Tube Top Neckline

Since there are no straps something shorter, such as a 16-inch necklace or a choker will balance the overall look.

Crew Neck

We feel there is more flexibility here. You can do just about anything because it is so versatile in terms of balancing a look. Bib, dainty short, and long pendant necklaces will shine.

V Neckline

We like to put a shorter necklace that drops before the “v” of the collar ends. 

Button-up Neckline

A short necklace or longer necklaces look put together with this look. 

Turtle Neck

Because this is higher, we like longer necklaces to balance this aesthetic.

Square Neckline

Because of the square shapes, we recommend a shorter necklace that is a little bold.

One-Sleeve / Off the Shoulder Neckline

This one can be intimidating but don’t worry, we got just the thing. We recommend shorter dainty or statement necklace depending on how bold you feel.

There really isn’t a specific item you should be using, after all, that’s half the fun (being creative). Think of this as inspiration, not so much a guide (we like to break the rules). 

What other necklaces should we include? Would love to hear from you, leave us your suggestions below!

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