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Wedding Trends 2021

Wedding Trends 2021


Hi Ladies!

In honor of our upcoming Bridal Jewelry Collection, I wanted to talk to you about some of the 2021 bridal trends I have been seeing so far this year!


As I am sure we can all guess, many of the bridal trends so far have to do with 2020’s lockdown due to Covid-19. So, if you’re a Covid bride I am sure you’ve definitely heard of some of these ideas and have noticed many new traditions that are sure to spark the bride’s adventurous side!


Micro Weddings:

Although many people prefer smaller weddings, this year has somewhat forced many people to scale down and have a Micro Wedding, or a wedding with essentially under 50 people on the invite list. This was due to safety reasons this year, but it also allows for a more intimate ceremony with only inviting your closest friends and family to share in your special day.


Sequel Weddings:

Something that was news to me this year, is that many people are having what they refer to as sequel weddings, when things start settling down in the world. So they opt for a sort of micro wedding, or just going to the court house, and then they are planning a big party or wedding ceremony when lockdown is over, and safety regulations are more laxed.


As for wedding dress trends, this year with all of its craziness has not only allowed for unique weddings, but also unique wedding dresses! I am seeing statement sleeves, colored dresses, interesting backs and bows, ladies are opting for a more modern lace look.

Let me know what you think, if you are planning a wedding or just love weddings in general, would you opt for a Micro Wedding or a sequel wedding? Also, how do you feel about unique wedding dresses or are you. Traditional beauty?



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