• Summer Jewelry Trends 2020

    Summer Jewelry Trends 2020

    We've been keeping our eye out on the fashion runways for spring and summer 2020. Here's a recap of all the jewelry trends for summer 2020 we think will be a hit!

    Statement Necklaces

    Chokers, chains, and gold. Layer, or wear statement pieces alone. We love them all. Here's are some of our newest chains to keep you fresh.

    Everyday Boss Chain

    Vintage LV Lock Necklace



    These are trending so hard right now, and they continue to be on-trend through Summer 2020. Dainty and lovely, here is one of our best selling butterfly necklace.

    Butterfly Necklace



    Pearls are still supreme gals. Keep them coming, in all shapes and sizes. Here are our favorites:

    Goddess of Love Necklace

    Mini Goddess of Love Necklace


    These are easy ways to jazz up comfy clothes, summer clothes, or date night outfits. We'll take one of each please<3

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